Crystal Palace: A Hot Mess

I have revamped my blog entirely for the foreseeable future to have a focused look at analytics within sports as with my busy fall in tennis over, I can now see this as a permanent option without having to worry about getting home late at night or being just downright tired all of the time.   With that being said, I hope to be better on putting out articles all of the time especially with this somewhat new format with a revamped website and sort of a clean slate.

In the English Premier League this season, there has been the great teams at the top in Manchester and contenders such as Chelsea in London.  However, one team in particular has stood out as being downright horrid.  Crystal Palace have not gone seven games this season without a goal in the Premier League, worst of any team in Premier League history.  However, there is a little more hope to this side than what most would think.

Shots are Not Going In

For Crystal Palace, the lack of goals should not be blamed for a lack of effort.  In the shots category, Crystal Palace are currently tenth in the Premier League with 82.  Despite it though, nothing seems to be finding the back of the net or even on target.  Out of those 82 shots, only 16 of those have been on target within the goal parameters, the second worst in the league only to Swansea City’s 11 shots on goal.  Crunch the numbers and Crystal Palace has a measly 19.51% of shots going on target. That is ridiculous, even when Swansea City with their 46 total shots still has a 23.91% rate of hitting the target.  When compared with the teams relatively close in total shots, it is not even close in terms of shots on target.  Crystal Palace just needs to work on getting shots on target and maybe something will spark.

Horrid Defense

Crystal Palace’s defense in absolutely dreadful compared to the rest of the Premier League.  They have given up 17 goals this season so far, the worst in the league. The others near the top here are West Ham United and Everton who early on are just above the three relegation spots to the EFL Championship. They have also committed some horrible fouls having had 15 yellow cards which is the second worst mark in the Premier League.  Not to mention that they obviously have a -17 goal differential which is also the worst in the league.  Statistically, this is the worst defense in the league, and it is not even close.


A lot of work has to be done for Crystal Palace to make up any ground whatsoever in the Premier League, but there is a silver lining.  They won their first two round in the EFL Cup and they have to be able to take their play from the EFL Cup and translate it onto the Premier League pitch.  If not, they might find themselves in a nasty position playing catch-up on the rest of the league if they do not want to have to go to the EFL in 2018-19.  Yes, this is the perfect team to start talking about relegation this early in the season.