Illinois Week Day 3: Action Behind the Camera

Today was more about the action behind the camera, however, this was not in a broadcast setting.  This morning we once again went into Lincoln Hall and learned about the kinds of things that film critics would do.  Not exactly my cup of tea so to say, but it was still slightly interesting.  From there, I had a session about drones and some of the basics of them.  What really disappointed me is that there was not any tips about flying the devices as it was more of just learning the different types of them, getting experience using the gamble part of them which connects the camera to the rest of the device.  It was pretty cool even if we did not exactly get to try out the devices for at least a very limited amount of time in air or see first hand from the operator’s point of view.  I also had a photography session that really was not as boring.  There was a lot of things that I might actually be able to take back home with me and maybe even put into practice but then again knowing my vocal talents I do not think that will be happening at a major Jasper event any time soon.


From there, we went and put some of the photography lessons to use in a multifunctional room inside the Recreation Center right next to Illinois’s football stadium.  Sadly, there was not views of the football stadium, but there was a window in our room that had a view of an indoor pool which is above.  We then spent the next couple of hours either having some fun in physical motion or capturing this motion on Canon cameras.  I did take a lot of action shots, but on the lab computers here I do not as of writing this not have the functionality to put my SD card and can not put those photos in here as of today, but rest assured this will be done in the immediate future.  I did take a couple hundred photos in my estimation and had a low success rate of great shots so I am actually looking forward to seeing how bad my timing was.  We are actually going back to the recreational center later tonight after dinner.


After getting to put our photography lessons learned to use, we had a drone presentation of sorts outside of our dorm hall.  What it actually was was a group sessions where football was talked about mostly and things got pretty intense and then learning a new word in trying to form a M on the grassy area near our dorm.  First off, I do not even know how to spell this word and I have never heard of it until today and I also have no idea if it could be censored.  Anyway, this was mostly good down time in between a busy morning.


Tomorrow, we have our third straight morning at Lincoln Hall.  From there, it will have a more sporting feel to it with other activities related to the Illini sports program.  Another busy day is definitely in store but once again it will be very fun.

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