Illinois Week Day 2: In Studio and Exploring Media

Day two of my week at the University of Illinois was jam-packed and had hardly any time for sitting around.  A rainy walk to Lincoln Hall started the day with three informational sessions done by different people associated in some way or form here at the university.  One of the first things about the business is that you have to understand just how much it is changing.  Twenty years ago, a blog like this would not be possible and people would get their news by newspaper or television.  The morning was then wrapped up with a session about fake news.  That’s right, we learned about how to spot fake news in a society filled with crazy clickbait headlines on Facebook from people who have no business doing some of this stuff.  What a wonderful world we live in.


From there, a somewhat pleasant bus ride on public transportation led us to Campbell Hall where students at the university continue to work on their on-air craft.  The equipment used here is very professional and simulate a professional environment extremely well.  Plenty of Macs fill one room while in the room right across is the TV studio.  The actual set was designed very well and professional and was not a simple green screen.  Getting a chance to show the Illinois staff a first taste of my craft was a great chance of me to see the types of things that the campus offers in terms of real life experience.  I ended the day with a session on documentaries and the production of it.  I learned a lot about just how much these things cost and it is not little.  Also, we had a chance to watch documentaries and trailers that are currently being shopped around the market.  With this in mind, I am not going to disclose any details about the content, but just know that this session might have been the most useful of the day getting to see the actual content, very close with the broadcasting session at the Richmond Studios.


Tomorrow will be just as jam-packed with many different activities.  It will be a day that contrasts greatly to today, but I am looking forward to it just the same as I day today.  So far, I am actually liking the campus a lot, but not really loving the hot and humid afternoons like those back in Jasper.  Here is to hoping that tomorrow is nowhere near as hot as today was.

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