Illinois Week Day 1: Starting My Illini Experience

Over the course of this week, I am furthering my education in the media business at the University of Illinois with their 360 Sports and Entertainment camp. Throughout this next week, it will be very busy with a lot of memories to share.  With all of the memories will be a lot of information that I will bring home to better my skills at the media business which for so long has been my dream.  This first day was really about getting to know the campus a little bit better than I had before which was easy considering that I had known nothing about the campus at all other than the Illinois basketball and football teams.  I arrived here at about noon and just sort of walked around the campus which is actually pretty nice.  We then took a scavenger hunt through the campus about 4:30 as we looked for some of the more well-known buildings and statues on the campus of the University of Illinois.  For example, the Alma Mater statue above, where the Illini graduates take pictures to always remember their alma mater, was just one of the locations we had to find throughout the campus.  This was definitely extremely useful and as a prospective college student myself will be helpful in the ever so slight chance I do attend this college.

As I am learning more about my future career options within the media business and experiencing the campus of the University of Illinois, I will be posting some of my favorite experiences from this jam-packed week upcoming with some visuals of the campus.  Sitting at home last week over July 4th weekend and the days that ensued, I was looking forward to coming to the Big Ten college to learn more and judging by the jam-packed schedule filled with fun things coming, I think that it will be extremely helpful beyond my expectations.  I might not all of a sudden start cheering on the Fighting Illini because of the things I have been through here, but at the end of this week the university and professors and other guests who I will meet will definitely be memorable to me and the rest of my fellow campers.

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